There are many things to consider when trying to decide on what program to use for your bookkeeping.  Whether you plan to keep your own financials or use someone, you should understand a little about how these programs work.  We use and love QuickBooks so I’m going to talk about the QuickBooks program.  QuickBooks has a desktop and online versions.  Which is a better option?

Cost –  We all want to know the cost, but before cost you need to think about how it will be used.  This is important to know before making a decision on which QuickBooks to use.  

  • Will the business owner be creating and sending invoices?  Creating and reviewing reports regularly?
  • Does the business owner want to pay monthly to have web/app access as well as giving access to their accountant?
  • Would the business owner prefer to have bookkeeping done for them with no need for access?

As you can see, there are a number of questions that need to be answered before a decision is made.

Why we use and love QuickBooks (we use both the desktop version and the online version)

  • Easy to understand –  QuickBooks is fairly easy to understand once it is set up properly.  It looks very much like a checkbook register – income/credit and expenses/debit.  
  • Highly acknowledged by accountants and CPA’s.   This makes tax time seamless
  • Downloadable transactions from many banks.
  • Easy to create backups to share with accountants or clients.
  • Great reports
  • Great customer service

Desktop version is a buy once, use for years and the online version allows log-in from any device.  We work with our clients and have both the desktop and online versions available. 

Each business is unique in their bookkeeping needs and we work with our clients to help them choose the best bookkeeping option for their business.

There are several good bookkeeping options out there.  What to use totally depends on your financial needs and budget.

Have questions on your bookkeeping?    Give us a call – we can help!


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